19~25 April
2014 International Friendship Tournament
Mitsumine Camp, Senior Grading,
Intensive Training

Tokyo, Japan
7~8 June
31st All Japan Weight Category Tournament
Tokyo Japan
14~16 March
Annual Training Camp
Heathcote Scouts Camp at Sydney
7 September
Australian National Tournament
Brisbane, Australia
Friday 7th February
Training Starts Sutherland Dojo (Kids Classes)
3~4 November:
All Japan Open Weight Tournament
Tokyo, Japan
Monday 3rd February
Training Starts Caringbah Honbu Dojo (Kids Classes)
Sunday 16th December:
End of the year Senior grading
Caringbah Dojo, Sydney
Monday 13th January
Training Starts Caringbah Honbu Dojo (Adults)
30th November
Illawarra Kyokushin Full Contact Championships
Unanderra / Wollongong NSW Australia