Our Dojo is a fully equipped Kyokushin Karate facilitiy. The main training area is approx. 150sq. metres covered with Karate specific training mats. It contains a variety of modern equipment such as punching / kicking bags, speed balls, floor to ceiling balls, sandbags, gym balls, big mits, focus pads, thai pads, as well as traditional equipment such as makiwara. The weight training room has modern weight lifting equipment as well as traditional power stones (chi-ishi) and gripping jars (nigiri game). The small dojo upstairs will accommodate a kickboxing ring in the future.

Please scroll down the page and take a brief tour of our Dojo.

Main Dojo Floor - Front
Dojo Taiko (Starting Drum)
Main Dojo Back
Air Conditioned Dojo Up Stairs
Office and Viewing Lounge Area
Wall of Memories (The posters of Kyokushin Events dating back to 1975)
Kettle Bells, Sand Bags, Free Weight Racks
Weight Training 3
Makiwara 1
Makiwara 3
Sandbag 1
Rubber Tube Training (Tubo) - Punching
Rubber Tube Training (Tubo) - Kicking
Rope Climbing
Weight Training 1
Dojo Kamidana (Shinto Shrine) and Shinzen Area
Training Equipment
Main Dojo Floor - Back (Other Side)
Another hard day at the office
Weight Training Room
Chi-Ishi (Traditional Karate Power Stones) Nigiri (Gripping Jars)
Weight Training 2
Makiwara 2
Makiwara 4 (Wall mounted Markiwara, Imported from Okinawa Japan)
Sandbag 2 - 3 - 4
Rubber Tube Training (Tubo) - Body Movement
Big Mitt and Gundam Training Equipment
Chin Ups
Monkey Bars